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Quality healthcare needs quality tools and services.

»Every second spent with a computer is one more second not spent with a patient.«

At EHA Clinics a dedicated software development team designs, improves and maintains our digital ecosystems, which help us attend to our patients timely and reliably, improving the holistic patient experience.

These digital services not only enable us to maintain international clinical standards but also support us in our daily clinical workflows. Furthermore, our digital products connect our patients with their doctors, making health care more accessible.

We leverage technology to provide convenient, easy, direct access to EHA Clinics services and clinical care.


Don't make me think

Design plays a fundamental part in our processes. Clinical workflows need to be seamless and efficient, giving clinicians more valuable time to attend to patients as access to digital health and self-care will increasingly make their way into our patient's life.

When we are exploring new opportunities in healthcare, the design strives for ease of use to make healthcare accessible to the communities.

Building software for new Health Care standards

Our engineering team leverages technologies to build better and more reliable healthcare systems. While existing systems are maintained and improved, new fields of technology and solutions are kept in view.

As an agile software development team, we include business, operations, marketing and design into our daily routines to ensure we build efficient products.

This cross-functional team structure enables us to provide solutions for various healthcare challenges. Every team member understands the clinical processes, clients’ needs, and the technical impact of the solutions we build.


Business Operations

Improve our healthcare systems

We focus on streamlining the clinical process and offering patients the best health experience possible. We monitor and improve processes in both administrative and operational ways.

Our Products and Services

EHA Care

EHACare is an intelligent and workflow-driven Electronic Medical Record System which supports clinical decisions.

Collaborating with our clinicians, we designed and developed a web-based software that saves clinicians valuable time while attending to their patients. Working closely with the Clinical Team enables the Informatics Team to observe, review and analyse the clinical work processes and provide software tailored to clinicians' needs.

EHACare is developed according to international standards, making it interoperable with other EMRs.

HealthMate App

HealthMate is a companion mobile application for patients of EHA Clinics.

Patients can access various mobile services, such as managing their appointments, accessing their medical data, booking lab tests and ordering pharmaceutical products.

Additional features include a health diary for capturing daily routines.

The HealthMate app is available on Google Play Store and  App Store.

Online Services

Making our services convenient and accessible is our primary goal. A well-designed digital workflow supports clinical staff and clients in accessing and providing the quality healthcare they deserve.

Our Get Care program enables customers to request services, such as telehealth, online pharmacy for medication, home care, online classes and laboratory tests, conveniently from home.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, a big part of what we did was building and managing workflows for testing, triaging and data collection in collaboration with The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

EHR Platform

The EHR platform is a product designed to aid career development and professional networking by connecting talent acquisition consultants and job posters with vetted healthcare professionals.


SMART is an integrated point-of-care technology platform that diagnoses, tracks and monitors sickle cell disease and malaria patients in low-resource settings..

The SMART system consists of the Gazelle device, EHA Clinics SMART mobile health application and electronic medical record system.

A collaborative effort between IFAIN (International Foundation Against Infectious Disease in Nigeria), Hemex Health, Case Western and eHealth Africa.

Interested in more?

Would you like to join our mission to improve the holistic patient experience?
To learn more about how you can become part of the Informatics team, please visit our careers page to see all open positions.

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Our Tools and Partners


Odoo is a powerful software suite that we use to manage clinical and operational workflows at our healthcare facilities. With Odoo, we are able to streamline a number of key processes, including patient registration, medical billing, as well as managing our inventory and supplies.

Odoo also helps to generate reports and analyze data, allowing us to make informed decisions about our healthcare operations. Odoo's inventory management system allows EHA Clinics to monitor the supply and demand of medical equipment, ensuring that essential items are always in stock. The use of Odoo has enabled us to enhance our clinical efficiency and improve the overall quality of patient care.


To manage the complex and sensitive health data in our electronic medical record system, we are partnering with Better, a healthcare technology company that specializes in building intelligent EMR systems. Better's platform allows healthcare providers to access and analyze patient data in real-time, providing insights that can improve diagnoses, treatment, and overall healthcare delivery.

Eha Clinics' collaboration with Better is part of its ongoing efforts to modernize and innovate its healthcare services, and is expected to help improve patient outcomes and overall quality of care.