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Your Right as A Patient: Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities

Your Right as A Patient: Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities

To ensure you are safe, well informed and actively participate in decisions related to your care and treatment options, we have curated this blog to update you of both your rights and responsibilities as a patient. 

As a patient, you reserve the right to receive your care in a private and confidential environment, to ask and receive copies of the results of your tests and procedures. Did you know this? Please read on and get acquainted with your rights and responsibilities.

Here are your Rights 

  1. To be treated with respect, dignity and in a compassionate manner by your healthcare providers

  2. To receive safe and equitable care, regardless of race, gender or social status

  3. To be listened to and to receive adequate responses to your inquiries in a prompt manner

  4. To have the opportunity to choose your physician and request a second opinion from another, if available

  5. To know the name of the physician, nurse, and any other health care provider that will be responsible for your care

  6. To refuse care/treatment and receive full information on possible consequences of this refusal

  7. To receive full information on your illness and treatments including potential benefits and risks of your treatments and other alternatives available

  8. To maintain total confidentiality concerning your medical record, and having the right to request a copy of your visit/discharge summary

  9. To receive your care in a private and confidential environment

  10. To ask and receive copies of the results of your tests and procedures

  11. To receive appropriate pain assessment and management

  12. To ask for an interpreter for the explanation of your plan of care in case of a language barrier

  13. To ask for further clarification about your care

  14. To receive proper discharge instructions about your treatment plan at home, including the medications given

  15. To report any concerns or complaints about the care provided

For any complaints, concerns or appointments, please contact us on: Phone: 0800 EHA CLINICS (0800 342 254 6427) Email:

In the same light, what are your responsibilities? As a patient at EHA clinics, you have the responsibility to:

  1. Provide your physician and/or nurse with accurate and complete information about your personal details, chief complaint, medical history, unexpected changes in your health status, previous hospitalization and current medications including herbs and tonics

  2. Ask questions when anything is not clear

  3. Ensure that you understand and give consent before any procedure is performed by a healthcare professional

  4. Be adherent to the treatment plan offered

  5. Keep track of the date and time of all appointments at the clinic and give adequate notice for all cancellations or reschedule requests

  6. Be at the clinic no later than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time

  7. Be considerate and respectful of other patients

  8. Be courteous and respectful at all times to your healthcare providers

  9. Understand that emergency cases take priority over non-emergent cases

  10. Ensure your valuables are not left unattended. - Help maintain a safe, clean and noise-free environment

  11. Follow the clinic rules and regulations

  12. Accept the consequences of your actions if you refuse treatment or do not follow your physician’s plan of care

  13. Involve family members in the decisions of your plan of care

  14. Settle all the financial payments of your medical care

Please be informed that at EHA Clinics, we have a ZERO tolerance policy for any VERBAL, PHYSICAL or SEXUAL abuse of our staff and clients

Kindly be informed that EHA Clinics reserves the right to disengage from offering services to the client in the event of breach of this policy.

EHA Clinics may report any case of physical or sexual abuse to appropriate government agencies.

Chioma Enwereji-Ogbonda January 9, 2023
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