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What You Should Know About Health Tribe

The Health Tribe is an EHA Clinics program dedicated to providing personalised chronic care management (CCM). Chronic diseases such as Hypertension, Asthma, Diabetes and Sickle Cell Disease are medical conditions that can last a year or longer, requiring ongoing treatment. 

With nearly half of people with chronic illnesses having more than one condition, we aim to ensure that our clients have constant access to optimal health care and prevent further complications. 

Studies have shown that persons with multiple chronic conditions typically have more complex health needs and often seek care across different healthcare settings. In providing quality chronic care management, a cohesive treatment plan amongst the health care providers makes a world of difference in improved health for the patient. On the other hand, poor care transitions often lead to fragmentation in care, decreased quality of care, and an increase in adverse events.

Patients with multiple chronic conditions can also lose a lot of time managing their health alone. By relying on a team of providers, chronic care management allows patients to spend more time doing things they love in the best health possible.

One of the unique solution offerings of the Health Tribe involves a personalised care team consisting of doctors, nurses and pharmacists. These medical care providers are dedicated to following the patient's progress. They empower patients with a detailed care plan that includes information about care coordination, health goals and challenges, and the information and tools required for self-care and monitoring, ensuring that the management of the disease is patient-centred and personalised. 

As a member of the Health Tribe, patients can expect regular and consistent check-ins through their preferred channel, and home care visits, including free delivery of prescription drugs to patients at the provided location. 

The Health Tribe Program comes at no additional cost to patients with an EHA Clinics Membership Plan

Chioma Enwereji-Ogbonda September 6, 2022
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