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Introducing New Lab Tests

The EHA Clinics Laboratory Team introduces 2 new lab tests. The Liquid Based Cytology Test and the Drug of Abuse Test.

1. Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) is a screening test for cervical cancer in women. It is reputed to be more sensitive than the conventional Pap smear method, helping to detect changes in the cervical wall which can aid early detection and management of cervical cancer. 

The test in itself is not a test for cancer but a test to pick up abnormal cervical cells which if left untreated, might develop into cancer.

The Liquid Based Cytology is now a part of the panel of tests designed for the annual health check of our female clients. 

Who should do the Liquid Based Cytology test?

This cervical screening test is recommended for women aged 21-65 years. It is recommended to be done every three (3) years for women aged 21-29 years, and every 5 years for women aged 30-65 years. 

How is the sample collected? 

The LBC test is not a painful procedure. It involves adequate sample collection by a trained medical personnel from the site of interest, the cervix using a cervix brush. 

The collected sample is then transported in a preservative vial to the lab for processing which takes no more than 7 working days. 

The result is further reviewed and the patient is advised with next steps. 

2. Drug of Abuse Test is a panel of tests designed to qualitatively or quantitatively determine the presence of one or more illegal or prescription drugs in a  sample of urine, blood, saliva, hair, or sweat.

The Drug of Abuse Test checks for a single drug or groups of drugs present in circulation in the body taken within an hour to several days. 

What can Drug of Abuse Test be used for? 

The aim of the test is to detect drug use and misuse. As a drug screening test, It can also diagnose an addiction such as a drug use disorder.

Additionally, drug screening  can be utilized for different purposes such as;

  • Pre-employment screening

  • Sport screening

  • Drug treatment monitoring

  • Legal evidence

  • Monitoring drug misuse/addiction

For more information please visit  or call 08003422546427. 

Chioma Enwereji-Ogbonda September 13, 2022
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